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Superhero Meals Superpowers

Cooking for your little ones is a tough job — we know that for sure. Especially during these hard times when you have to work from home while taking care of your kids.

Having some free-from-kitchen time would be nice, right? Spend it with your kids — or spend it for yourself, because you deserve it!

Superhero Meals have got you covered!

Our goal is to use as many organic ingredients in our kitchen as possible. Some meals are already 100% organic, and the others will get to that point by the end of 2021 — take our word for it.

There is at least one organic ingredient in our every meal — and the numbers are growing.

All our meals, snacks and vitamins are produced in facilities that don’t handle peanuts. We check all our ingredients and their origins to make sure they don’t contain any traces of peanuts. When it comes to other allergens, we’re also trying to reduce the amounts of such ingredients.

For Superhero Meals, we don’t use tree nuts, celery or soy, although our facility may handle them while cooking meals for adults. If we use some other allergens like eggs, shellfish or milk, we clearly state so on the packaging labels.

We don’t use sugar in our kitchen — to sweeten up your kid’s meals, we use 100% pure organic Canadian maple syrup.

Although some cooking ingredients already have added sugar, we always check sugar amounts to make sure they are as low as possible.

Sometimes food labels contain a lot of ingredient names that are impossible to read.

Some of them are harmless, while others may cause health issues. Would you take those risks when it comes to your kids? Neither would we. So our basic rule is: if an elementary school student can’t read it, we don’t use it.

We don’t use GMO ingredients — it goes without saying. But some ingredients are still marked as ‘modified’ even if they’re not genetically modified. For example, it may refer to dairy products.

What does ‘modified milk ingredients’ mean? It means that real milk was replaced by some component of milk whose chemical state has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally.

Doesn’t sound delicious or healthy, right?

Some of Superhero Meals are 100% vegan (like plant based mac ’n’ cheese). For some other meals you can choose a vegan or vegetarian option (like substituting dairy yogurt in granola with plant based coconut yogurt; or dairy cheese in grilled cheese sandwich with plant based cheese).

More vegan and vegetarian options are coming soon!

They just disappear from your kid’s plate! All meals are kids-tested and moms-approved. You can always find something on our menu that will vanish from your kid’s plate in a matter of seconds, even if you have the pickiest eater — like we all do!

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