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About Superhero Meals


I'm Evan, and here are Alex, Mark and Lara. We are a dream team who created Superhero Meals for you.

It all started on a chilly winter morning in a pre-COVID-19 era (when kids still had to go to school). I woke up at 7 am and was getting my kids ready for school, when suddenly I realized that I had completely run out of ideas what to cook for them.

Of course you can always go with good old mac 'n' cheese — but can you go with it on a daily basis? No doubt kids would love that but is it really good for them?

And am I the only one who faces this problem every morning? When I realized that I was not, the idea of Superhero Meals was born.

Superhero Meals are created to provide our kids with healthy and delicious meals. It's safe for school and peanut-free. Our meals are mostly organic (will be 100% organic very soon, take my word for it), non-GMO and free from harmful preservatives.

And what's more important for busy parents — Superhero Meals are already cooked and delivered straight to your doorstep. No more struggling in the kitchen — instead, enjoy some extra quality time with your kids!

Our Path

A lot of people don’t think about what they eat. I could use 'don't care' instead of 'don't think' but it may sound a little judgy. I'm sure people would definitely care more if they knew how what they ate impacted their quality of life.

Unfortunately, when it comes to grown-ups, there's almost nothing that can be done about healthy eating habits.

But kids are different. They are still at the beginning of their path. It's our mission as parents to teach them about the rights and wrongs. And if we don’t skip this crucial 'healthy eating' step, we will grow a new generation of Canadians in a healthy way.

We can reduce obesity and diabetes rate as well as the amount of money our government spends on healthcare, being able to invest that money into our kids' education instead.

Together we can make our country even better. Isn't this what superheroes do?

Our partners

There are a lot of meal delivery services out there. But to me it was absolutely clear from the beginning that we should be on the same page with our partners when it comes to healthy eating. That's why I've chosen Nutrition Balance.

It’s not a regular meal delivery service as we all know it. I'd rather say it's a health delivery service. Nutrition Balance provides our communities with specially designed weight loss and diabetes-friendly meals. They are carefully measured, professionally cooked and delivered fresh in a vacuum-sealed packaging.

They have a fully equipped facility with great chefs. Moreover, they have nutritionists and dietitians who create and evaluate all the recipes. Nutrition Balance guarantees that your kids' meals are really healthy.

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